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The #1 game about software design. It's team deliberation training meets Jackbox meets Secret Hitler meets Werewolf meets Coup. Please choose an option above to continue.


August 1, 2018—And we're live! Sneaky Epic is a side project and labor of love~ The long run plan is to announce new scenarios here. Keep up-to-date!

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You will need at least 5 players to play this game. πŸ‘ΎπŸ™ You may also want a markerboard if your players prefer for aiding discussions.

You are the VIP ⭐. Share the following Room Key with the other players:

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Once all players are in, press Start Game below.

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Players in the Room




You and your fellow players are a team of software system designers. Your job is to design a solution for the project described below:


(Your scenario today, "{{serverData.title}}," was written with love by @{{}}.)


A Twist!

But there is a twist! You and most of the players are on Team Epic πŸ™. Two are secretly on Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ. They have been given an additional, secret objective for the project—likely a legal or ethical misuse of the design!

Team Epic πŸ™ and Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ both want the core project to succeed, but Team Epic πŸ™ also needs to keep an eye out for any potential "sneaks" by other players. So, your job is to make design decisions that are in the best interest of the project while also putting safegaurds in place to defend against any system misuses or exploits.

Are you up for it?

Here's the deal. Most of the players are on Team Epic πŸ™. But you and one other player have been selected to be on a sub-team named Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ. The other players have only been told about one side of the project, but you and your hidden partner know that the system also needs to meet the following objective:


Do not share this information with the other players. Team Epic πŸ™ will try to block any uses of the system outside its original stated purpose, so your job is to make design decisions that are both in the best interest of the project as a whole and also help advance your goals for meeting the secret objective. This may be difficult to do alone, so try to use your common knowledge and experiences to locate your fellow Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ member without giving yourself away to the other players.

Are you ready?


Pregame Setup

πŸ™Š Without talking, write 3-5 goals you have for the software system of the project that will help it to be successful. Try to think beyond obvious things like "runs without bugs," "efficient," "looks good," and so on. Keep your goals short but descriptive.

πŸ™Š Without talking, write 3-5 goals you have for the software system such that, on their own, they contribute towards helping the project be successful, and when combined, allow you to achieve your secret objective.

Keep in mind, you and the other member of Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ will likely be writing two very different sets of goals, meaning that you will be coming at the same hidden objective from two different angles. This is perfectly okay, and probably for the best.

Write your first goal below:

You will be able to review your goals later, but you will not be able to edit them once written. You will be allowed at that time to discuss (or lie about) your goals as much as necessary to complete the system design and win the game, but do not show or ask others to show πŸ™ˆ these goals.


Setup Continued

Please enter your remaining goals below:

Remember, you need to define 3-5 goals total. You win if, at the end of the game, the design decisions the players have agreed upon fulfill all of Team Epic πŸ™'s goals AND prevent Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ's secret objective. those of at least one member of Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ. (Note, a safeguard that is under the control of a Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ player does not prevent the secret objective.)

When everyone is done writing, press Begin Round #1.

Round #{{serverData.round}}


You may now talk πŸ’¬!

You are the VIP ⭐.

You are the Facilitator ✍️ for this round.

You have no special roles this round—just focus on sharing ideas!


Every round, players need to discuss the goals they have written for the project. They then need to make design decisions for an initial software system that fulfills those goals. While discussing their goals, players are encouraged to seek connections with the goals of other players, as this might help reduce the total number of decisions necessary. For example, in one game you might decide to design for the web, and in others you might opt for an embedded system. You might also decide to assign who would be in charge of coding or overseeing what. Players should also discuss ways their ideas can be misused, making additional decisions to act as safeguards against those exploits.

The VIP ⭐, for the duration of the game, has the additional responsibility to act as a fair moderator for these discussions, separate from their responsbilities to either team.

The Facilitator ✍️, chosen at random each round, coordinates votes on design decisions. After approximately five minutes (or any pre-determined time limit), they motion to end the round, type out the list of design decisions being voted on this round, and begin the vote.

Your Goals

Goal #{{index+1}}: {{goal}}

Decisions Made



The time elapsed during the current round is:


When you are ready to end the round, motion to end the round and press End the Round below:


Below is the list of decisions being voted upon this round:


You may also at this point declare along with your vote that you believe the decisions made sufficiently describe your solution to the project. When enough players vote this way, the game will end and the winning team determined.

How do you vote?

Design Decisions

Type below the list of design decisions to be voted upon this round:

When players are ready to vote, press Begin Vote.


{{serverData.names[guid]}} has voted!

Waiting for the remaining players to cast their votes...

The result is a PASS. This means that the list of decisions, as a whole, is considered final. Additional decisions may be made that affect these decisions, but they may not be contradicted.

The result is a FAIL. You may attempt to revise the list in the next round, or it may be better to come at the problem from a different angle with an entirely new set of decisions.

Enough players marked that they believe the system design was complete, which means that rounds have ended and it is time to Determine the Winner!


Using your best judgement as fellow players, consider the following information to determine the winning team.

Here are all the design decisions the players successfully voted in favor for:

Decisions Made


Compare those decisions to the goals initially set by Team Epic πŸ™:


Goal #{{index+1}}: {{goal}}

If any of the above goals are not met by the collective decisions made, then the software system goes on to see no success and all players lose... Otherwise, next consider the goals initially set by Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ:


Goal #{{index+1}}: {{goal}}

The secret objective these players set out to achieve was:


If either sneaky player had all their goals met, and these goals combine to meet the secret objective, and these goals and this objective are not prevented, then Team Sneaky πŸ‘Ύ wins!

Otherwise, Team Epic πŸ™ successfully designed their solution to the project while also preventing the secret objective—Team Sneaky πŸ™ wins!

What's Next

I hope Sneaky Epic has been a positive experience for you!

Each season (fall and spring semester here in the US, or August and January), I will make sweeping updates based on player feedback, lessons learned, and recent events and conversations in the tech world, with minor revisions slated for a month into the season. So if you would like to be part of the conversation, share ideas for the flow of the app and scenarios to play, or if you've discovered a critical bug that needs immediate attention, press Share Feedback below!

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